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Cashmere Connections Pty Ltd

ABN: 93 088 001 807

Located in Bacchus Marsh, our factory houses an extensive range of top making equipment plus dehairing machines. Using this equipment, the skilled staff at Cashmere Connections are able to prepare a range of natural fibres for worsted, semi- worsted and woollen spinning. We are also able to create designer tops to customer specifications using the fibre products which we hold in stock and / or fibre products supplied by the customer.

Cashmere Connections Pty Ltd is a small company, however we have managed to create a niche for ourselves in the production of premium quality Australian fibre products to service the needs of both our Australian and International clients.

Buying fibre directly from Producers.

Cashmere Connections Pty.Ltd. purchases both Alpaca and Cashmere directly from fleece producers. Alpaca is bought year round and deliveries are always welcome at our factory and at designated transport depots Australia wide. The buying of Cashmere is done along similar lines to the old ACGA Pool, where notice is given to Cashmere Producers of a limited time frame in which to send their fleece (usually over a period of 2 - 3 months). The cashmere is assessed and classed at a time when this is no risk of cross fibre contamination.

Cashmere and Alpaca Fleece bought by Cashmere Connections is scoured at Velieris in Braybrook before being dehaired and/or made into combed top at Cashmere Connections.

Contract Dehairing

Cashmere Connections Pty Ltd offer contract dehiring services for both Cashmere and Alpaca. All fleece must be commercially scoured before being presented for dehairing.

Contract Combing, Carding and Blending Services

Cashmere Connections can prepare a wide variety of natural animal fibres for worsted, semi worsted and woollen spinning. We are just as happy to work with large consignments to be commercially spun either in Australia or Overseas as we are to work with the production small lots of boutique craft tops. Our skilled topmakers are able to work wonders with even the most difficult or unusual fibres.

We keep some stocks of top on hand for craftspeople who want to blend something different with their fibre to produce an interesting top. If given notice, we will endeavour to ensure that we have the fibre product needed for your special blend.