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Contract Merino Wool Processing

Contract Processing

Cashmere Connections was originally created to give Australian specialty fibre growers an avenue to value add their fibre. Their fibre no longer has to be considered a commodity to be brought at the going rate as we give them the opportunity to market it as a luxury item through value adding.

We enjoy working with our varied clients. We invest time with each of them so that we understand what their particular needs are and can help them to bring their ideas to life. We are not a bulk commodity processor. No two customers' ideas are the same when working with these unique fibres, All our machinery has been custom built or modified so that changes can me made from job to job to ensure the highest possible quality product is obtained. Detailed records are kept so that results are repeatable.

All Fibre must be commercially scoured before processing and we have a minimum lot size of 75kg.




Cashmere Connections currently has the only working commercial dehairers in Australia. They have been specially engineered to be able to dehair Australian cashmere which has different properties to cashmere from other origins. This is due to different genetics, diets and husbandry practices (shearing rather than brushing out the cashmere) of the Australian Cashmere. We are set up to be able to dehair both Cashmere and Alpaca.

Contract Wool Combing


Cashmere Connections is able to prepare a wide range of fibres for worsted, semi worsted and woollen spinning.  We are just as happy to work with large consignments to be commercially spun, either in Australia or overseas, as we are to work with the production of small lots of boutique craft tops. Our skilled topmakers are able to work wonders, even with the most difficult or unusual fibres.


We are able to source different fibres for blending. We are also happy to work with a range of fibres supplied by customers. Fibres can either be blended at the start of the top making process for a fully blended top or they can be blended after top making. This creates a streaky top with beautiful effects, especially with fibres that take up dyes differently.

Contract Topmaking
Topmaking process
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