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Cashmere Purchase

To arrange for Transportation of bales to Cashmere Connections or to arrange fibre drop off outside factory hours please contact Trisha on 0432964665, alternatively you an e-mail us via the contacts page.

Consigning Your Fibre

We are currently open for Cashmere receivals. All fibre must be securely packaged, labeled and the appropriate documentation filled out before we are able to accept it at the factory.  Please label all bales with your name/business name, contact phone number and 'Deliver to Cashmere Connections'.  Our factory is also open for receivals from Monday - Thursday 7am to 5pm. If you would like to deliver outside these times please contact Trisha to arrange.

                                 Print your consignment forms here.


                                     Print your consignment forms here.

2018 Price list

All prices are for dehaired cashmere. Please call Trisha on 0432964665 prior to consigning your fibre to discuss how payment prices are worked out.

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