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Bennett and Gregor - Coloured Wool

It is always a pleasure to work with the wool of long time South Australian coloured wool producers; Bennett and Gregor. Their knowledge and expertise in the production of coloured wool shines through. Their wool is always well presented, long stapled and behaves nicely at all stages of processing. Their current consignment has been no different.

Their wool top is always a favourite of spinners and felters, as they too, find it a joy to work with.

The colours too are gorgeous. This time we have processed heavier weight cinnamon and light grey wool tops. It is very difficult to capture the correct colour of the tops in photos, but people who know the Bennett and Gregor wool tops will know the colours and how beautiful these natural colours are.

Those interested in buying some of this top may have to act quickly as we are certain it will be popular. You can buy Bennett and Gregor's wool from their web page It is absolutely stunning.

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