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Great Southern Yarn - Merino / Suri Blend

One thing we can never get enough of at Cashmere Connections is SRS merino wool. There's just something special in the soft handle of this incredible fibre. So when Great Southern Yarn told us they were looking at doing a limited edition SRS Merino / Suri blended yarn and they wanted us to be a part of it we were ecstatic. The Suri they chose to blend with this stunning fibre was equally impressive. It had the most beautiful lustre and the blend ran like a dream. We love the thought and care that goes into each one of Great Southern Yarn's products and this one is no exception. They've put a lot of effort into sourcing ethical, sustainable fibre from individual farms and it shows through in their product. This beautiful blend is now on its way to Gayle's Herring at Fibre Naturally Alpaca Woollen Mill. Gayles experience and skill show in every skein of yarn she makes and I know given the quality of the fibre going in that the yarn should end up an exceptional product. We can't wait to see how it turns out!!

You can find Great Southern Yarn at Their story is well worth a read. You can also follow them on facebook and instagram

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