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Coonong Station - Dohne Lambs Wool

It's not often we get fibre in that completely surprises us like this Dohne wool from Coonong Station. When their first batch came in we looked at the fleece tests in dismay. The staple length was short but the hateur was longer. We were convinced like everyone else that there must be a mistake and presumed that this was why it was overlooked by buyers at auction. We've learnt a lot while processing our first lot of Dohne wool. As we worked further down the line we were surprised as the fibre became easier to work with. Once it went through the comb we knew that what the Holt's had was a hidden gem. This wool is spectacular. We absolutely love the transformation it's undergone and the amazing product it's become. Its bright white, silky, has beautiful lustre and amazing drape. We're now at the end of our second batch. We've been surrounded by this beautiful fibre since the start of March and will be sorry to see it go. Hopefully when all the COVID19 restrictions end we will get a chance see the scarves and throws the first batch have become.

Follow Coonong Station on Facebook to keep up to date with this project. If you'd like to learn more about the Dohne Sheep breed take a look at Dohne Australias Webpage

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