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Single sourced Fairview Polwarth Top

Our Fairview Polwarth Wool top is the first of our collaborative grower / processor single source tops. The Potter Family from Yeo, scenic and fertile country south of Colac, have run Polwarth sheep on their property for over 80 years. They are passionate about their sheep and the wool that their Polwarths produce. We at Cashmere Connections, have worked closely with the Potters to achieve this beautiful long stapled, soft handling wool top that  is quite versatile as well as being a dream to work with. If you wish you can purchase this wool top from our webstore. If you wish to know more about the origins of this wool top you can also visit Fairview Polwarths website, Facebook or Instagram. Our Single Sourced Fairview Polwarth top is also registered with the Australian Fibre Collective as a 100% Australian grown and Manufactured Fibre product.

Why Polwarth?

As many of you would be aware, for years our 22um wool top has been a Merino top. Merino is of course what the Australian wool industry has been built on and has always been our biggest seller. So why the change?

We've spent a lot of time talking to various people about wool being fit for purpose and it got us thinking. Polwarth is a beautiful fibre. It has good strength and length , so can be used to make outerwearlike durable, warm jumpers without pilling. The wool is bright and white and takes up dyes wonderfully, and its a dream to spin. It really is the ideal fibre for our customers in that 22um range.

But of course the source of the fibre is becoming more and more important, and Polwarth is

a fantastic breed. The sheep were breed by the Dennis family near Colac in the mid 1800's when they realised the traditional Merinos weren't coping with the weather. Polwarths been breed to cope with the higher rainfall and colder weather of the area, they are less susceptible to wool rot and therefore flystrike. The Dennis family still breed these wonderful sheep and have raw wool, tops and knitting wool available for sale at their farm Tarndie.

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