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Tabandy Farms - Mixed Wool top

While most of us are ready to write off 2020 as a disaster and skip to 2021, Bega Valley wool grower Tabitha Bilaniwskyj-Zarins hasn't falted from her positive outlook. When drought threatened her farm she took on extra work to feed her beloved assortment of preloved and rescue animals. As her community burned, we looked on horrified as she shared picture after picture of fire and smoke. Then once the rains came and the fires were extinguished, the grass started growing Tabitha rolled up her sleeves and baling her wool, organising for it to be sent to the scour and start being processed.

Tabitha puts a lot of effort into developing a truly ethical product. Her animals are loved and spoilt. She has taken the time to get to know her processors to make sure they use ethical practices and she has generously given her time to help educate others about wool, animals and processing in Australia. We absolutely love Tabandy Farms wool and everything it represents. This wool of course will be licensed with the Australian Fibre Collective. If you want to learn more about Tabandy farms you can visit their website, instagram, facebook, Etsy or utube pages.

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